New World – Update 1.0.2


We adjusted the rates of influence gain over time so that it will continue to require significant effort over time to flip a territory into conflict state:

  • Reduced the amount of influence increase over time significantly for attacking factions. This is to account for a bug we found where the increase was multiplied much faster than intended over time.

  • Removed the decrease in influence over time for defending factions.


  • Fixed an issue where players could respawn as a corpse.

  • Fixed an issue where the tier 3 fishing treasure chest wouldn’t fight back after being hooked.

  • Fixed various localization issues and text fields.

  • Fixed an issue causing players kicked, suspended, banned, or removed from the game by Easy Anti-Cheat to receive unclear communication. Additional messaging has been added so players can better understand the penalty they received.

  • Fixed an issue causing territory influence to be reset after an Invasion.

  • Fixed an issue where players attempting to take a split amount of stacked items from a different settlement their faction owns, they were charged for the entire cost of the items in the stack.

  • Fixed a game crash caused by a player targeting another player with a healing effect at the exact moment they fast traveled or teleported away.

  • Fixed an issue reducing variety and potential quantity of loot obtained from game modes and chests within the world.

  • Fixed an issue causing some crafting bonuses to not provide the minimum intended values.

  • Fixed an issue where overflow items in storage transferred to a different territory.

  • Fixed an issue where petting Barkimedes caused the camera to jitter.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Ice Pylon ability to not cooldown appropriately.

  • Fixed an issue where settlement storage can become massively overflowed by expired contracts.

  • Fixed an issue where player’s movement could stutter after becoming encumbered from logging.

  • Fixed an issue where there were not enough chests at Hapless Homestead to fulfill Faction quest requirements.

  • Fixed an issue causing players to randomly teleport.

  • Fixed an issue where players disappear if standing still when a campsite turret blueprint is being held.

  • Fixed a visual issue causing repeater turrets to appear as if they were firing projectiles at an angle that did not align with the turret.

  • Fixed miscellaneous game crashes.

  • Fixed an issue where Marshjaw respawned slower than intended at Flatfish Fishery.

  • Fixed an issue causing certain bears to respawn faster than intended.

  • Fixed an issue causing twice the intended number of Boars to spawn at the Boarsholm POI in Restless Shores.

  • Fixed an issue where players could be prompted to purchase an item they had previously started the unlocking process on in the in-game store when trying to unlock another item immediately after.

  • Fixed an issue causing store previews for skins to not work correctly when the player was actively wielding a weapon.

  • Fixed an issue where the Righteous Guardian armor skin would not change color in War.

  • Fixed an issue where the

    Runic Bear armor skin would not change color in War.

  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect poses when previewing store items.