V11 (WEEK OF 10/15) New Costumed Soldier QUIET PLEASE!! Plague Doctor Igor Returns! The Doctor is in… AFK / Leeching Improvements! In-game AFK has been F.O.R.Tified! We’ve significantly reduced the time before AFK players will be removed from matches. Players not contributing in public matches will receive a warning message on their screen, their team […]

Save The World Sale and Free To Play F.A.Q.

Fortnite: Save The World Sale and Free To Play F.A.Q. Is Fortnite: Save the World on sale right now? Yes, it is currently on sale on Xbox. It should probably be going on sale on other platforms soonTM When is Fortnite: Save the World going F2P? Epic originally planned for Save the World to go […]

What to do if hacked or compromised

If anyone besides you has gained access into your Fortnite Account, it is highly recommended that you take action immediately to protect your account. WHAT SHOULD I DO IF MY FORTNITE ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED OR COMPROMISED? Changing your password is the first thing you should do if your account has been hacked or compromised. […]

Twine Peaks Rewards Scaling

Hey everyone, We wanted to highlight some changes that are coming to the top end of Twine Peaks in the v10.30 update. Twine Peaks Rewards Twine Peaks 100+ 4 Player Missions will be getting a rewards buff! Pure Drop of Rain are receiving a 25% increase for PL 140 Non-4 Player Missions (Example: if you […]