Constructor – Lethal B.A.S.E.

Click to view the build This build is used for trapped bases, or bases that need only to have a fort built around the objective. The base will be armed with damage floors, self healing, extra strength walls, that when hit freeze enemies, and when enough enemies die, the feel the base perk will proc, […]

Soldier – Archetype “Godlike” Havoc

Click to view the build Weapon Loadout: Ol’ Betsy, Dragoon, Stalwart Squire (Any single ammo clip weapons) Alternate Perks: Fleet, Shell Shock, Critical Blast, Damage Perks Constantly fire and reload to maintain shields, shockwave for armor when taking high incoming damage. Focus on ranged husks like Zappers and Blasters, melee husks are irrelevant to you […]

Ninja – Harvester “Tank” Sarah

Click to view the build This Hero can take on any husk or mist monster in the game. TTK (Time To Kill) on higher health targets can seem longer than desired, but the goal is to be a punching dummy. You may find yourself needing to turn away from killing a Smasher to take out […]

Outlander – Flash “Infinity” Farmer

Click to view the build This specialized Farmer Build is suited for both Solo and Co-ordinated Group play.  Basic Gameplay Always use Phase Shift FIRST before using your Anti-Material Charge, to enable One-Two Punch and making it free of charge. Solo Recommended to find multiple Encampments around the map, and place traps within range to […]

Constructor – Impenetrable Fortresses

Click to view the build Full support build for really strong constructions Commander Perk: • B.A.S.E. increases Building Health by 84%  Team perks: • SLOW YOUR ROLL  – support perk, increase your tank potential • SUPERCHARGED TRAPS  – If you need more damage. • RECYCLING  – for lazy constructors =) Gadgets: • BANNER – must have (don’t forget drop your first banner […]