How To Install Fortnite on Android Devices
Looking to play the newest season of Fortnite on an Android device? If you’re new to playing Fortnite on mobile, check out our Fortnite mobile starter guide — including tips on getting started with your preferred gaming controller.

Follow the steps below to download, install, and play the latest version of Fortnite on supported Android devices. Additionally, check out the Android section of the Fortnite FAQ for download and device compatibility information.

Steps to Download

  1. Navigate to on your mobile device and tap the Download button
Download Fortnite For Android 298x640 1606937499410
  1. Select the Get it on the Epic Games App button
Install Fortnite On Android 298x640 1606937496741
  1. If the download does not start automatically, press the Download button when the prompt appears.
How To Download Fortnite On Android 298x640 1606937494222
  1. Select OK on the pop-up asking for your permission to keep the file
How To Install Fortnite On Android 298x640 1606937491886
  1. Locate and open the EpicGamesApp.apk
Epicgamesapp Apk 298x640 1606937489618
  1. Update your browser settings by selecting the Settings button once the pop-up appears
Install Fortnite Android 298x640 1606937487466
  1. Locate the Allow app installs setting
Locate Android Allow App Installs 298x640 1606937485548
  1. Enable the Allow app installs setting
Android Allow App Installs 298x640 1606937483464
  1. Select Install on the prompt requesting permission to install the application
Permission To Install Fortnite 298x640 1606937481077
  1. Select Open once the app has been installed
Open Fortnite Android 298x640 1606937478842
  1. After the Epic Games App is opened, tap the Fortnite banner
Installing Fortnite On Android 298x640 1606937476725
  1. After selecting Fortnite, select Install
Fortnite Installation On Android 298x640 1606937474490
  1. After the prompt appears, select the Settings button
Fortnite Install Settings On Android 298x640 1606937471253
  1. Locate the Allow app installs setting
Allow Fortnite Android Install 298x640 1606937558475
  1. Enable the Allow app installs setting
Allow Fortnite Download Android 298x640 1606937556173
  1. Select the Install button
Fortnite Android Installer 298x640 1606937554072
  1. Select the Open button
Android Fortnite Install 298x640 1606937551820
  1. Choose what you’d like to allow Fortnite to access
Fortnite App Access 298x640 1606937549268
  1. Select OK after receiving the message below. This app was built for the version of Android you’re running and there is no update necessary
Fortnite Android Update 298x640 1606937546566
  1. Find or create an account by selecting either of the options shown below
Create Fortnite Account 298x640 1606937543964
  1. Sign in with any of the options shown below
Epic Games Account Signin 298x640 1606937541294
  1. Or sign in by using your Epic Account credentials
Epic Games Account Login 298x640 1606937508818
  1. Select the Install button
Install Fortnite On Android Device 298x640 1606937506300
  1. Click Play and drop into the battle!
Play Fortnite On Android 298x640 1606937503045