Fortnite: Save The World Sale and Free To Play F.A.Q.

Is Fortnite: Save the World on sale right now?

  • Yes, it is currently on sale on Xbox. It should probably be going on sale on other platforms soonTM

When is Fortnite: Save the World going F2P?

  • Epic originally planned for Save the World to go free in 2018, but in an October State of Development post they changed their plans, with no ETA when it will become free.

What comes in each edition?

Is the Ultimate Upgrade on sale?

No. While the pack is for sale, it is not available at a discounted price.

Where are the Friend Codes?

  • As Epic mentioned in patch 5.0, the friend codes have been exchanged for Legendary Troll Stash Llama Tokens.

Why can’t I see the Ultimate Upgrade?

  • You have to buy the Limited pack first before the Ultimate pack appears, the Ultimate pack is also only available within the game-store.

Why aren’t the Upgrades appearing?

  • You may need to restart your game, or they have not become available in your region at this time. There is a delay with some online-stores updating in specific regions. We also have reports of users unable to see specific upgrades. There’s no reported fix for this at this time.

If I own the Standard Edition and I buy the Limited Edition, will I get everything in-between?

  • Yes. You’ll get all the items for all the upgrade tiers that you don’t already own.

If I own the Standard Edition and buy the Super Deluxe Edition, will that lower the cost of the Limited Edition?

  • Yes. The only cost that isn’t effected is the Ultimate upgrade, which is a flat $99.00. All other versions go down in price if you buy a previous one.

I bought the game before the sale. What can I do?

  • Epic typically sends out a “make-good” if you buy close to a sale, otherwise you can try contacting support for the store you bought it through, but it has been known that companies will not refund the difference. Epic Games Support || PlayStation Support || Xbox Support

Will I get the founders exclusives in BR if I buy an upgrade pack?

  • Yes. You should get the upcoming founders exclusives if you purchase an upgrade pack. You may need to complete the tutorial and first 1 or two missions before being granted your items.

I bought the Limited/Ultimate package, why aren’t my new weapons legendary?

  • The weapons you get you get from the package start out as rare. You get a quest for each one to unlock their schematics from rare to legendary, meaning 3 schematics each. It’s suggested that you don’t upgrade the rare and epic versions.