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This Hero can take on any husk or mist monster in the game. TTK (Time To Kill) on higher health targets can seem longer than desired, but the goal is to be a punching dummy. You may find yourself needing to turn away from killing a Smasher to take out a huskling to keep your Shadow Stance enabled. Just remember the more stuff attacking you means there is less stuff attacking the base.

Preferred Weapon: Neon Scythe w/ Energy, 2x Crit Damage Build, Armor, Conditional Damage (IE. Damage To Afflicted Targets, Mist Monsters, etc.) | Any Scythe can be used in place with this build.

Support Squad – The only flexible Support Squad Member would be Fleet Foot Ken. He can be replaced by anything that makes the build feel better for you. The other downside is that this build uses several Event Only Heroes. These heroes unfortunately cannot be replaced.

Notes: Staying in Shadow Stance is the most important thing for this hero. Everytime your shield drops to zero Dragon Daze procs stunning all of the husks around you for 1 second. The Dim Mak Team Perk then instantly brings your Shield back above zero and you are once again ready to haveyour Dragon Daze proc again.