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Full support build for really strong constructions

Commander Perk:

 B.A.S.E. increases Building Health by 84% 

Team perks:

 SLOW YOUR ROLL  – support perk, increase your tank potential

 SUPERCHARGED TRAPS  – If you need more damage.

 RECYCLING  – for lazy constructors =)


 BANNER – must have (don’t forget drop your first banner before main mission start to set the spawn point)

 SLOW FIELD – good control skill versus smashers and bosses


You don’t have weapon buffs, but can help your team mates with killing nasty husks like lobbersblasters and sploders.

And also you can use melee weapon something like SMASHER BASHER with 2 armor, impact and attack speed perks to tank smashers and knocking back him. With SLOW YOUR ROLL and BASE M.D. team and support perks you stayin alive for very long time.